Beavan Flanagan, No sweeter sound than my own name

solo vocalist with realtime electronic processing
for Michael Baldwin

composed by Beavan Flanagan
artistic conception by Michael Baldwin and Beavan Flanagan
premiere performance by Michael Baldwin

performance instructions and score

Between June and October of 2015, Beavan Flanagan and I collaborated on a new vocal piece especially for me titled No sweeter sound than my own name. This page is a hub of information for the project and contains reflections at various stages of the collaboration/development process, videos from workshops and performances, and additional documentation.

Studio Recording

HD download of video

audio-only recording stream

HQ download of audio-only recording [automatic download]

Written Reflections on Collaboration Process

I. First Workshop
II. Audio-scores and Breathing
III. Reflections and Commentary on Reading Audio-score Drafts


Live Performances

WEISSLICH 4, Hundred Years Gallery, London (UK), October 30th 2015