BUZZED is a piece for solo French horn that emerged out of collaboration with Samuel Stoll. All of the material is derivative of a vocal improvisation focused on sounds produced by sucking air inward through my mouth’s barely-apart lips that I audio recorded whilst ideas of wetness, intimacy and endurance jostled in the back of my mind.

I sent my recording to Samuel along with instructions to simultaneously listen to the recording and audio record his attempt at producing with a French horn the sounds he heard. Afterwards I was sent the resultant recording in return. Working from both recordings, Samuel and I met in person to find a way of making an audio-score that would be indexical of an array of physical actions and sounds to be reproduced in performance. The score only contains recordings of sounds produced by Samuel.

The piece was commissioned by Samuel as part of his 2045 commissioning project.

solo French horn
download: performance package [score / audio references / performance instructions / program note]
read: an interview with Mercé Bosch Sanfelix about the piece

members’ alliterations pursed at the lips
when i rehearsed sounds still
quivering my limped flesh

torn ears: all the better
to hear
dissolving in
honey under warm milk

Samuel Stoll (French horn)
St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield, England – 21 February 2016