hearing hearing – Video Release of Charlie Sdraulig’s ‘few’

I’m very happy to be able to share my recent recording of Charlie Sdraulig’s 2013 vocal solo, few. I’ve written about this piece on a couple of occasions, and for some background on my work with it you can read here and here.

Towards the end of April, Charlie asked me if I would be interested in performing few again at a house concert in London. I agreed and had a chance to go to work directly with Charlie on the realization. With my earlier work on the piece, I was concerned with exploding the ambiguities of the piece, especially with respect to how many ways I could simultaneously articulate elements of intimacy, privacy, inner perception, and the general implications of a sound world that derived from, but almost barely contributed to, an aural environment. At the time, I was trying to completely open up the work – to find my interpretation of the work and the way its intentions resonated with not only my own ways of thinking about sound and performance, but the personal knowledge I had accrued through friendship with Charlie about his own relationship to sound and music. I was trying to find myself through the musical exploration, coming to terms with how I hear and listen to space. Continue reading

Performance of ‘urtext’ at WEISSLICH 2

I’m performing in London this Saturday for the return of WEISSLICH @ Hundred Years Gallery.

For a sampling of last year’s WEISSLICH watch this video made by curator/composer Louis d’Heudieres:

As part of WEISSLICH 2 I’ll be reprising my performance/listening-piece urtext which I’ve been performing around Huddersfield recently. The premiere performance was given last December at Huddersfield’s newly establish concert series, Soni[k]ab organized by BaconJam Collective (Eleanor Cully & Stephen Harvey). In preparation for my performance in London I also performed urtext at a recent house concert that I’ve been writing about in previousblog. entries. Continue reading


Rodrigo Constanzo and Angela Guyton recently came around to mine and David Pocknee’s cellar to make music videos for Everything. Everything at Once. Once (3). David and I worked with dynamic lighting and apathy, while Rod laid down some groovy music and Ang got us to wander around barefooted. The videos are calftastic.

Read what Rod has to say about this portion of the series here.

My favorite take: