I provide engraving services for digitally typesetting music notation.

I work with handwritten manuscripts and partially or fully formed digital files (midi, mus, xml) to make fully typeset notated scores, parts, and examples. I primarily work with the music notation processing software Finale. I am also capable of using a basic to intermediary working knowledge of Inkscape, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, and Reaper to enhance scores and performance notes with integrated images, audio examples/cues, and/or colored notation.

Read on to see my typesetting examples, and information on pricing and experience:



I provide a reasonably and competitively priced typesetting service. Because each typesetting project involves issues of idiosyncratic notational language, complexity of music, legibility of manuscript or score, size of forces, score format, and time pressures, pricing is determined on a per-project basis.

By being in contact with me (michaelbaldwin21@gmail.com) about your specific needs I will be able to provide an upper limit price quotation. Once that limit has been set, the price for my work will not exceed that limit.

Currently, any and all preliminary consultation is free of charge.

Any and all errors that result from the typesetting process will be corrected free of charge up to 7 days after sending the finished copy. For any additional non-error edits that need to be made once the final version of the typeset work is returned I will provide a one-time edit of the score for free up to 1 month after sending the finished copy. Any additional or more substantial edits are subject to additional payment as agreed upon between myself and the client(s).


Musical Examples in Academic Publications

Adkins, Monty, and Michael Russ, eds. 2013. The Roberto Gerhard Companion. Oxfordshire and New York: Routledge. (Example).
Thomas, Philip. 2013. “Understanding indeterminate music through performance: Cage’s Solo for piano.” Twentieth Century Music 10 (1): 91-113. (Example).

Composers’ Scores

Bellamy, Mary. 2009-10. Transference. Solo cello. Self-Published. (Example).
–––. 2011. Semblance. Solo amplified bass flute. Self-Published (Example).
–––. 2011. Abrasion. Solo amplified cello. Self-Published. (Example).
–––. 2017. the other side of air. piano quintet. Self-Published. (Full score)

Contact Me

If you are interested in having me typeset your work and want to discuss your particular needs please contact me at engraving@michaelbaldwin.online