Takes is a wearable piece for 2-3 participators moving, speaking, and pulling.

Takes includes two armbands meant to be attached to arms, legs, or otherwise. On each armband are four flaps with text and head movement information. The flaps also include a number that indicates how many times to speak the text and move the head. Flaps are opened by pulling the wooden beads attached to the hemp cords. Both armbands can be worn by one person, with one or two other pullers, or by two people that pull each other’s cords. Once a flap is opened, perform the actions the number of times indicated. After, close the flap. Continue for as long as desired.

Takes was made in response to the keyword ‘participation’ as part of a mail-art exchange. The phrase “play invites participation” is written across the eight flaps.

Demonstration Video

With Grace Liao

Process Photos