Talking Music

Talking Music is a variable-sized performance-installation for recording and playback equipped audiences embedded into live music events. It is driven by two audio guides that catalyze discreet interventions.

Audio Guide 1: Recording Guide

The first guide is used to trigger vocally distorted, snapshot dictaphone recordings of the music being presented, while the second guide cues the performing audience to recycle, extrapolate upon, and embody elements of those recordings through a series of subtle, and increasingly musical, social acts that take place within intermission or post-event conversation.

Audio Guide 2: Intermission Guide

Talking Music represents a compositional approach towards a broader and ongoing exploration of audiencing within the fields of concert music and spectatorial art practice more generally.

Talking Music was collaboratively developed with members of SHOAL (Callum Coomber, Kathy Hart, Rosalind Rideout), a performance collective based in Manchester, UK, who performed the piece during its first installation as part of VIRTUALLYREALITY Presents: Submergence/Emergence.

Performance Recording: Recording of programmed music with vocal overlay
Performance Recording: Intermission-triggered recording with vocal overlay

Performance Material Forthcoming