this is not natural

this is not natural is a trio for double bassist, pianist, and hornist that explores relationships between slowmotion movement in musical performance and video. There are two documented versions of this work, the first made for musicians from ensemble Discord Workshop, and the other made in collaboration with movement artists/faculty at The University of Huddersfield.

this is not natural
double bass / piano / horn [for Discord Workshop]
download: performance package [score / performance instructions]
read: reflective guest blog on video scores for The Rambler

Pieter Lenaerts (double bass) / Tomoko Honda (piano) / Corey Klein (horn)
St. Paul’s, Huddersfield, England – 24 March 2014

Video of performance with scores

this is not natural [transfiguration]
double bass / piano / horn
read: interview with Franc, Hilary and Eilon for CeReNeM Journal 5 on the experience of performing this work

On 28-29th July 2014 a two-day workshop with Franc Chamberlain, Hilary Elliott and Eilon Morris was undertaken. Franc, Hilary and Eilon are members of The University of Huddersfield’s drama department. They are all trained in movement, dance and theatre, and graciously agreed to put their training to use working with instruments from the domain of music: a double bass, a piano and a horn. Franc worked with the double bass, Hilary with the piano and Eilon with the horn.

Starting from the residual materials of my 2014 piece this is not natural (written originally from and for musicians Pieter Lenaerts, Tomoko Honda and Corey Klein) we devised a distinct derivation which I have titled this is not natural [transfiguration]. The residual material of the piece consists of video-scores (individual and ensemble), video documentation of rehearsals with premier performers, an orally handed down set of instruction for choreography and sound production, and video of the premier performance.

Franc Chamberlain (double bass) / Hilary Elliott (piano) / Eilon Morris (horn)
Phipps Hall, Huddersfield, England – 29 July 201