Performance of ‘urtext’ at WEISSLICH 2

I’m performing in London this Saturday for the return of WEISSLICH @ Hundred Years Gallery.

For a sampling of last year’s WEISSLICH watch this video made by curator/composer Louis d’Heudieres:

As part of WEISSLICH 2 I’ll be reprising my performance/listening-piece urtext which I’ve been performing around Huddersfield recently. The premiere performance was given last December at Huddersfield’s newly establish concert series, Soni[k]ab organized by BaconJam Collective (Eleanor Cully & Stephen Harvey). In preparation for my performance in London I also performed urtext at a recent house concert that I’ve been writing about in previousblog. entries.

In addition to performing, I’ve had the opportunity to engaging with some of the material shared between urtext and a companion piece magic in rehearsal with performers Juliet Fraser (vocalist) and Maxime Echardour (percussionist). magic receives its first performance this evening in Huddersfield [info].

Sonic Teaser of urtext:

live – Michael Baldwin
recordings – Amanda DeBore BartlettSean Dowgray & unidentified infants

At WEISSLICH 2 I will also be playing tuba for James Saunders’ instruments with recordings and everyday objects for David Pocknee’s Conditioned. The event will also feature music by Louis d’Heudieres and Alex Nikiporenko, poetry by Matthew Lee Knowles, and performances by violinist Ruben Zilberstein.

soni[k]ab performance (december 10 2014)

sound checking urtext at soni[k]ab

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